Jun 20, 2011

6 Ways to Teach Kids the Books of the Bible

6 Ways to Teach Kids the Books of the Bible
Although it's not absolutely necessary for anyone to know all the books of the Bible in order, it sure is handy info. Fortunately, there are fun and easy ways for your kids to memorize the books. Here are some great resources:

1. Free, downloadable, printable books of the Bible flashcards.

2. Free books of the Bible downloadable songs.

3. Free Books of the Bible word searches.

4. The Singing Bible CDs. (Not only do these teach the order of the books of the Bible, but they also cover all the major stories in the Bible.)

5. And if you just want a simple list of the books, here's a handy printout.

6. Finally, an upbeat, simple video, like this pop-inspired one from YouTube. (Or, choose a more traditional song, like this one.)


  1. My son and I think that the best song to learn the books of the Bible is "The Bible Book Bop" by "Go Fish." It is cute and upbeat with a 50s flair. :)

  2. We also loved the "Bible Book Bop" from Go Fish, but our favorite and most effective tool has been Granny's Bible Dojo. It's a 99-cent app and my kids LOVE it!