Apr 11, 2012

Best FREE Cloth Doll Patterns on the Net

Flip Doll - What a cute idea, especially for toddlers!

Ruby Doll - So sweet.

A collection of felt dolls - including a modern looking boy and girl (pictured at the right).

Prairie Flowers Doll - For all those Little House fans.

Rosie the Rag Doll - Sweet!

Realistic baby doll - Really impressive.

Belinda and Lucinda - Old fashioned dollies.
Wide Eyed Wendy
- A good, basic doll.

Mimi Kirchner's Felt Doll - Cute and designed to hand sew.

Flat girl doll - Simple and sweet.

Martha Stewart's Black Apple Doll
- Modern and cute.

Sleepy Time Baby - Uber simple.

Dutch Doll - or Irish, Scottish, Balkin, Russian, and Swiss dolls.
Tiny Girl
- an ity bitty doll.

Infant Doll
- an even tinier dollie.

Babyland Rag Doll - a classic.

Martha's Gingham Dolls
- Simple dolls made from gingham fabric.

Rag Hair Dolls - Fun!

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  1. I've been looking for SOGGIBOTTOM DOLLS.. where are they ?
    :-) X X X