Mar 27, 2012

Homemade Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I love Mr. Clean Erasers. They make so many cleaning chores a breeze - and often clean messes I can't find another way to clean up! (The day I wrote this, I spilled printer ink on my white laptop. I tried to clean it with a sponge and soap, with Windex, and with Clorox wipes. They all just spread the ink around. But my Mr. Clean Eraser cleaned up the mess instantly.)

For years, I've been buying the Dollar Tree's knock off version of the Eraser, but recently I read that this product is simply melamine foam. Loretta, a reader who follows Proverbs 31 Woman on Facebook, did a little research of her own and confirmed what I'd read.

This is great news because you can buy melamine foam cheaply! A peek at eBay shows it's widely available there, and I see this site (from which I've never made a purchase) sells 30 sponges for just $6.50!

So you don't really have to make your own Mr. Clean Erasers. You can just buy them really inexpensively.



    above a link to show how this sponge works!! fascinating!!

  2. I’d recommend going easy when you clean stains off of caulking, I’ve tried it before and if you aren’t careful you will remove the caulking altogether.Magic Eraser Foam