May 17, 2010

Vacuums Are a Girl's Best Friend

I hope you don't use your vacuum only to clean the carpet. There are so many other uses for vacuums that not only justify the machine's place in your household, but also makes cleaning a lot easier and quicker. Here are a few ideas:

I usually begin by extending the hose on my vacuum. Then I:

* "sweep" the front porch and door mat,
* clean the front door jam.

Next, I start at the top of the interior, again using the extended hose, and I:

* remove spider webs around the ceiling.

I then add a brush or dusting attachment and:

* "dust" light fixtures, the tops of tall bookshelves, and the top of door jams.
* "dust" picture frames and mirrors,
* "dust" lamp shades,
* "dust" just about any surface (from tabletops and pianos) that isn't cluttered.

I then sometimes put the upholstery attachment on the hose and:

* remove dust and pet hair from furniture.

Sometimes I use the hose without an attachment (or I put the crevice attachment in place) to:

* clean the crevices between the floorboards and the floor,
* clean under the floor under the cabinets or other furniture, where the vacuum roller won't reach.

Next, I put my vacuum on the bare floor mode and:

* vacuum the vinyl and wood floors (I've never understood why anyone uses a broom any more),
* vacuum throw rugs.

Finally, I put the vacuum on carpet mode and vacuum the carpet.

In addition, I use the vacuum to:

* clean filters (like the air conditioner filter and the house's air filter),
* vacuum under the refrigerator,
* vacuum out stubborn lint from the clothes dryer,
* clean and dust the inside of drawers or cabinets,
* vacuum curtains or draperies (if your vacuum has a low-suction setting),
* vacuum under the high chair (instead of wiping or hand picking up; for this I use this excellent hand held vac, which is superb for picking up all manner of dry spills)

Bear in mind, I don't do all these things every time I vacuum. (Far from it!) But taking full advantage of my vacuum's capabilities does make keeping my house cleaner a lot easier.



  1. I use my hand vacuum for most of this, but I have to admit I very rarely use my "real" vacuum. You asked why people still use brooms. I use my broom almost daily. Why? Because only our top floor is carpeted, we keep the big vac up there. The broom is just easier than carrying that thing up and down two flights of stairs, and the hand vac is just too small for most jobs.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  2. That makes sense, Tanya. But I hate brooms so much, I'd probably buy a second vacuum :D

  3. My husband thinks that our kitchen should be swept with a broom. I beg to differ--and routinely vacuum all of our hard-surfaced floors with the vacuum, using the wand attachments for hard-to-reach crevices, like around the toilets and under the china cabinet. I hate my broom, too. And, I nearly went into a panic a few weeks ago when I thought I'd burnt up the motor in our vacuum! (Fortunately, I'd just burnt up the belt, though the smell of burnt rubber was so intense, the vacuum spent the day outside on the patio.)

    When I was growing up, we had a central vac system--and once the dogs got used to it (they're MUCH quieter than a regular vacuum) we were able to use the vac system to vacuum the dogs off. They actually loved it!