Jul 20, 2010

Living Room Transformation

Even though I'm not at the point in The House That Cleans Itself that I'm supposed to be cleaning and organizing yet (because I'm not done learning about the system), I have been tiding up, little by little.

Here's a shot of my living room before:

And my living room after:

I removed a lot of clutter from the mantlepiece and the old televisions, and I moved one box of toys into my son's room. (A benefit to this is the toys will be less played with, so I'll be able to rotate toys now.) I realize some people would still find this too cluttered, but given that I have two small children who use this room to play almost exclusively in, I'm pleased.


  1. hi Kristina,

    I have 4 children under 7 y.o. and I homeschool so our living room/ den is our playroom/ media center/ learning room. One thing I have done that has helped with organizing it is having ONE corner of the room for their toys. I put some of their toys there and the rest goes in a big bin inside a closet and then from time to time I rotate them. Another thing that helps to keep things looking a bit more organized is to provide them with space to play.
    I have moved my coffee table to the side. Unnecessary side tables and lamps have been moved to other rooms or given away.

    I found for myself that antique and doodads that I had had no more use for me once my children where born. you might consider selling some of your stuff or donating them. If you can't part with them you might want to store them away.

    I find that a clean and empty space provides children with room to be creative and to do physical playing (tumbling, rolling, moving a toy around, dancing, miming and more). In a world where we watch too much TV or play too many video games, room to move around is a good thing. :)

    One a side note, I think your living area looks a whole lot better. You are doing a great job decluttering and organizing your house. I know you are feeling better. :)

  2. Thanks, Teresa! I keep all their toys in one area, and it does help. I wish I had a closet or some other storage area for extra toys, but I don't. As for getting rid of excess furniture...well, I can't talk my hubby into it. I do need some pretty "do-dads" around to lift my spirits, too, but I've cut way back.