Aug 31, 2010

What to Do with Green Tomatoes

It appears we're going to have lots of unripe, green tomatoes this year. And while that's a little disappointing, I'm not disheartened. There are lots of great things to do with crunchy, rather tart green tomatoes. Here are a few:

* Ripen them! Even fully green tomatoes will ripen if you give them enough time. The easiest method is to lay them in a single layer in a cardboard box so no tomato is touching another tomato. Place them in a dark, cool location (like the garage) and cover with a couple layers of newspapers or a sheet. Check daily for ripe tomatoes. Or, to continue having tomatoes through Christmas, wrap each tomato in a sheet of newspaper, place in a single layer in a cardboard box, and place the box in a dark, cool location. Although these tomatoes won't taste quite as good as those picked ripe from the vine, they do taste a thousand times better than store bought tomatoes.

* Pickle 'em.

* Make green tomato pie or cake.

* Make green tomato relish or salsa.

* Make green tomato bread.

* Make green tomato catsup.

* Fry or saute them.

* Bake 'em.

* Make split pea and green tomato stew.

* Make green tomato raspberry jam or green tomato chutney.

* Roast 'em.

* Make eggs Benedict with green tomatoes.



  1. Our local grocery just started carrying green tomatoes, perhaps because of the season. A friend of mine raves about her green tomatoes, so I had to buy some. I came home without a clue of what to do with them! :) Thanks for helping with that!

  2. Tanya, I wonder if they are "green when ripe" tomatoes? Check this out: I'd taste one first to see if it tastes like a ripe red tomato or not.