Dec 10, 2010

Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

Making gifts helps everyone - adults and kids - focus on the giving nature of Christmas. This year, why not encourage your kids to make instead of buy gifts for friends and family? Here are some easy ideas:

* Candles in jars or cookie cutter candles.

* An "I love you" treasure chest. Fill a lidded basket or small wooden chest (found at a craft store) and fill it with slips of paper telling the recipient what the maker loves about him or her.

* Felt alligator sewing kit.

* Hand print coasters. Trace the outline of a hand with a fabric marker, pencil, or piece of chalk onto a double thickness of cotton or cotton blend fabric (previously washed and ironed). Cut the same hand print from heavy iron-on interfacing. Lay one fabric hand print on the ironing board, right side facing down. Place the hand print interfacing on top of this. Lay another fabric hand print on top of the interfacing, right side up. Fuse together with a warm iron, following the directions that come with the interfacing. Trim edges, if needed.

* Tins of cookies and candied orange peels.

* Photo books. (Check out the offerings at Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Walgreens.)

* Fleece scarves and other accessories.

* Recipe dish cloth.

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