Dec 16, 2011

What to Do With Empty Altoid Tins

Over the years, I've used Altoid containers to hold small tool parts (like the bits for my electric screw driver), as a travel sewing kit, and as a travel "first aid" kit. But recently, I ran across some really creative uses for Altoid boxes - and I had to share. Whether you make these as Christmas gifts, presents for another time of year, or just because, I think these are great little projects!
For Kids:

* A mini dollhouse.

* An accordion book shaped like a camera.
* Travel games. Here's a super tutorial, complete with free printables to help you turn an Altoid box into a mini checkers, chess, backgammon, and tic-tac-toe game. Or, choose these instructions, which include all those games, plus dots and squares, solitaire, and reversi. Here's yet another version, which uses mostly store bought items.

* A spelling set. Purchase letter beads at a craft store and sand off the back letters. Glue a magnet to the back of each bead.

* A planets of the solar system set.

* A tin for the tooth fairy.

* A magnet faces game.

For Kids or Adults:

* A poetry magnet kit.

* A belt.

* An adorable purse. (Find a different set of instructions here.)

* A treasure box.

* A photo album. (Or try this tutorial instead.)

* A pinhole camera.

* A pocket tackle box.

* A play-able guitar.

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