Feb 22, 2012

Day with the Dinosaurs - a FREE ebook for kids

When 8 year old Matt accidentally presses a button on his friend Tilly's latest invention, the two third graders are swept into a puzzling and amazing world. There are enormous flowers, huge animals of every kind - and dinosaurs! Super-smart Tilly can't figure out where - or when - they are, but soon she recognizes an important historical event...And that's when everything goes terribly wrong.

A Day with the Dinosaurs is written in the style of the popular Magic Treehouse books, but contains no magic. Science - especially a fun glimpse at creation science - is the focus here, in 40 action-packed pages with short chapters. This lightly illustrated chapter book also contains bonus material, including thoughts to ponder and information about dinosaurs, creation science, and the Bible.

Best of all it's FREE! Download your copy here. And if you like it, please leave a comment telling others so!

Flesch-Kinkaid Reading Level: 2.7

"I just finished reading your ebook, Day With the Dinosaurs, with my three kids, ages 9, 7, and 5. They LOVED the book! And...they want to read more books about Tilly and Matt's adventures! ...They were so pleasantly surprised to read about a Bible event in the same style of that other [well known] series! They really enjoyed the Christian perspective...Lindsey."
"Excellent!..I love the combination of action, adventure, and animals. Readers will have fun learning about all the different animals and be intrigued by Matt and Tilly's adventures. The short chapters and consistent action mean children won't have time to get bored...I appreciated all the extras at the end of the book. It is nice to have so many questions answered, as well as be given some great ideas for discussion." Erin Cronin, Christian Children's Book Review

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