Apr 11, 2012

Best FREE Cloth Doll Patterns on the Net

Best free cloth doll patterns on the internetOne of the sewing projects I've most enjoyed with was making matching dolls for my niece and daughter. There was something about creating a from scratch toy for my child that spoke to me. And making that cute little face, pretty hair, and adorable clothes was just plain fun! Happily, there are a lot of free resources for making homemade dolls - including patterns. Here are some of the best.

Flip Doll - What a cute idea, especially for toddlers!

Ruby Doll - So sweet.

A collection of felt dolls - including a modern looking boy and girl (pictured at the right).

Prairie Flowers Doll - For all those Little House fans.

Rosie the Rag Doll - Sweet!

Realistic baby doll - Really impressive.

Belinda and Lucinda - Old fashioned dollies.
Wide Eyed Wendy
- A good, basic doll.

Mimi Kirchner's Felt Doll - Cute and designed to hand sew.

Flat girl doll - Simple and sweet.

Martha Stewart's Black Apple Doll
- Modern and cute.

Sleepy Time Baby - Uber simple.

Dutch Doll - or Irish, Scottish, Balkin, Russian, and Swiss dolls.
Tiny Girl
- an ity bitty doll.

Infant Doll
- an even tinier dollie.

Babyland Rag Doll - a classic.

Martha's Gingham Dolls
- Simple dolls made from gingham fabric.

Rag Hair Dolls - Fun!

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  1. I've been looking for SOGGIBOTTOM DOLLS.. where are they ?
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