May 23, 2013

The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook - It's Here!

As many of you know, I have a great love of cooking with dandelions. Although my family was skeptical when I first served up this common weed, they've always enjoyed the foods I cook with them. It's with glee that family members get a jar of dandelion jelly for Christmas or a box of dandelion cookies "just because." And my husband and children look forward to everything from sauteed dandelion leaves to dandelion stem ice cream to dandelion flower fritters.

So The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook was a joy to write and prepare. In this book, I'll teach you why dandelions are such excellent food, how to identify them in the wild, how to preserve every part of the plant, and give you important knowledge about when to harvest the plant so it's tasty. And, of course, there are recipes. 148 of them, plus variations. And it's available in both Kindle format (full color interior) and paperback (black and white interior).

The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook features recipes for every part of the dandelion. For example, from the leaves you can make:

Sauteed greens
Dandelion-minestrone soup.
Breads (including cornbread, bread pudding, and swirl bread)
Breakfast dishes
Stuffed meats
Enchiladas and fajitas
Pesto and pasta dishes 

Quiche and savory pies
Dandelion lasagna.
and more.

From the honey-like flowers you can make:

Jelly and marmalade

Omelets and pancakes
Dandelion flower syrup.
Biscuits, breads, and muffinsSorbet

and more.

From the unopened buds you can make:

Fried "popcorn"
Dandelion root ice cream.
Stir frys
and more.

The stems can be cooked like noodles and the roots (which have a coffee-like flavor) can be used for:

Roasted roots (with or without other root vegetables)
Meat rubs and marinadesPickles
A coffee-like drink
Root beer and beer
Ice cream
and more!

Here's what advanced readers had to say about the
Dandelion roots in tomato sauce.

"I was eager to read this book in order to find out the best ways to harvest, freeze and dry dandelion flowers. But what a delight to discover it also offered a treasure trove of info about the history, nutritional/ medicinal applications and new and traditional recipes for this humble, prolific plant. I was also surprised to learn about the different parts of the plant that could be used in cooking, especially the unopened bud. This book is worth it for the dandelion jelly recipe alone -- but, oh my! I can't wait to try the recipes for stem noodles -- and the dandelion tea . . . and the roasted roots . . . and
the ice cream . . . and . . . ! I highly recommend this book to anyone curious about integrating fun and
Pickled dandelion buds.
nutritious dandelion recipes into their diet. I consider it essential reading for fans of natural, wild foods and for culinary dabblers! "
Suzannah Doyle Music

"First of all I had no idea dandelions could be eaten, let alone used for so many awesome things. The author of this book gave me info and practical ways to help my family eat better and have a natural variety!!" Simplysage

"Kristina Seleshanko has created a wonderful collection of enticing recipes, all featuring those yellow-top, front yard pests: dandelions. She includes some rather expected dishes, like
Dandelion enchiladas.
omelets, salads and soups. Other recipes, however, are likely to catch readers off guard, like pizza, soda, jellies, wine and even ice cream and cookies! What I enjoy most about this cookbook is the abundance of education. The author includes valuable nutritional information, but also instructions on how to harvest dandelions, how to preserve them and store and what alters the taste of these greens. She's obviously very knowledgeable. All in all, this book is an excellent value at a great price."
Tanya Dennis

"I was so excited to read this book and I was so pleasantly surprised beyond what I ever expected!
Dandelion noodles.
It is packed with great recipes that anyone can use. I am a busy mom and I was so happy to see many recipes that can be made quickly with healthy God grown ingredients. Lots of basic tips on general items. Makes dandelions very easy to approach."
virginia l

"I found the recipes delightful and well written, many of which reminded me of recipes that my husband's grandmother has shared. I would highly recommend this cookbook for anyone that wishes to try new and exciting flavors using what is mistakenly considered a ho-hum lawn weed!"
Fae Lynn

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  1. Thank you for the cookbook!
    I harvested some dandelions last weekend (before I mowed the lawn) and made fritters, but I am curious to see all of the other recipes in the book!

  2. I was all set to buy a copy and I got it for free! Thank you so much. I really look forward to reading and trying your recipes! Just today, I tried making fried dandelion blossoms from another website and they were delicious! I can't wait to try more dandelion recipes! :)

  3. I was all set to buy a copy and I got it for free! Thank you so much. I really look forward to reading and trying your recipes! Just today, I tried making fried dandelion blossoms from another website and they were delicious! I can't wait to try more dandelion recipes! :)

  4. Hello,I tried to buy this cookbook and Amazon says its unavailable,is there a way to get a copy? Preferably e-format.

  5. Shannon, that's really strange. The book is on demand and should always be available. Here is a direct link to the ebook version: If you still have trouble, please email me directly at kriswrite at aol dot com