Nov 5, 2013

Preserving Herbs in Salt - an Update

Last summer, I experimented with preserving basil in salt. This is a very old preservation technique - but one I'd never tried before. Basically, it consists of layering fresh basil (or other herbs) and ordinary salt in a jar, then storing it in the refrigerator. Basil is a particularly good way to determine if this method works, because it quickly becomes black and mushy if frozen or refrigerated.

This morning, I opened up the jar to see how the leaves were doing:

* Some leaves, I'd left only partially covered with salt. These have dried out, just as if I'd dehydrated them.

* The leaves that were completely buried in salt are well preserved. Their color is darker than fresh basil (khaki green as opposed to a brighter green), but they smell just like fresh. The leaves are moist, but not at all slimy.

I'm really pleased with the results!

For more ways to successful preserve basil (and other herbs), click here.

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