Jan 3, 2014

Letter of the Week: L

After reviewing the letters your child knows so far, get out some Legos and show your child how to make the letter L with them. Then have a little fun: Make some Lego prints, like these or these.

Now is also a great time to show your child how to turn letters into words. You shouldn't expect your child to be able to spell yet, but you can pique her excitement about letters and reading by showing her a few simple words made with letters she already knows. For fun, make the letters with building blocks or Legos. This should be pure fun, so if your child isn't interested or grows tired of the activity, move on to something else.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here. For more Letter L crafts, activities, and videos, see below.

* L is for Lion (uppercase)
* L is for Lion (uppercase 2)
* L is for Lion (lowercase)
* Lion printable craft
* Lion hand print craft 
* Lion hand print craft (2)
* Lion paper plate craft
* Lion paper plate mask craft
* Lion snack
* L is for Ladybug
* L is for Ladybug (2)
* L is for Ladybug (3)
* Ladybug snack
* Ladybug life cycle craft 
* Ladybug paper plate craft
* Ladybug lacing activity
* Ladybug foot print craft

* L is for Lacing
* Lobster hand and foot print craft
* Lobster snack
* Lobster paper bag puppet craft
* L is for Lighthouse
* Lightening craft
* Lightening bug Band-aid craft
* L is for Love
* L is for Llama
* L is for Ladder
* L is for Ladder (2)
* L is for Lollipop free printable unit
* Lollipop craft
* Lollipop paper plate craft
* Apple Lollipop snack
* L is for Lamp
* L is for Lights 
* Little Lights craft (perfect to go with the song "This Little Light of Mine")
* Jesus is the Light craft
* L is for Leaves
* L is for Leaves (2)
* L is for Leaves (3)
* L is for Leaves (4)
* Leaf craft
* Leaf rubbing craft
* L is for Lizard
* Lamb hand print craft
* Little Lamb (and Good Shepherd) craft
* Lamb paper plate mask craft
* L is for Lemons
* Lemonade recipe
* Exploring Lemons (and Limes) activity
* Lock activity
* Lava Lamp experiment
* Laundry craft (the photo is from a quiet book, but this could easily be made with paper)
* Phonics: Letter L
* Sesame Street: Letter L
* Sesame Street: La, la, la, la, letter L
* Sesame Street: The Sound of Letter L
* Sesame Street: L is for...
* Sesame Street: L Words in Space
* Sesame Street: If You've Lost Your Letter L
* Sesame Street: L is for Laugh
* Sesame Street: Spokesman for Letter L
* Sesame Street: L is for Lion

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