Mar 3, 2014

#1 Best Spring Cleaning Tip for Busy Moms

Before I had young children, my house was reasonably clean. I did a thorough cleaning every spring and just before Christmas - you know, scrubbing down walls, cleaning baseboards, that kind of thing. (My vacuum, by the way, did most of the work.) But since having kids? Yeah right. There are currently dirty hand prints all the way down the hall and on virtually every light switch. (As soon as I clean them, they magically reappear, so I've admittedly become lax about wiping them away.) The baseboards look like they have a century's worth of dirt and dust on them. And don't even think about spot checking the house for dust and fingerprint-free windows.

Spring cleaning may not be on your agenda this year. I completely understand, Mama. But if your house is beginning to look a bit too crusty for your taste, I have one very helpful tip for you:

Buy a bunch of Magic Erasers. Truly, these things make spring cleaning so much easier. Your kids can even help! Use them for cleaning:

* Baseboards
* Cabinets
* Walls
* Widow sills
* Toys
* Furnature
* Bathtub/Shower
* Sinks and fixtures
* Appliance exteriors
* Toilets
* Light switches
* Crevices

Just be sure to test a small, inconspicuous spot first.

You don't have to spend a fortune on Magic Erasers, either. I often buy mine at The Dollar Tree. Or you can buy generic melamine foam sponges (yep, that's all Magic Erasers are) on eBay or Amazon. On the day I wrote this post, the best deal on Amazon was just 14 cents a sponge, shipped.

I also recommend you use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mop. In my experience, nothing beats it on linoleum - AND it makes cleaning walls and ceilings easier, too.

Happy spring!

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