Jun 20, 2014

51 Great Garlic Scape Recipes

Garlic scapes are making quite a comeback, so even though I've written about them in previous years, I think they deserve another go round. This time, I've scoured the Internet for the best scape recipes available.
What is a garlic scape? It's the long, loopy flower stem on garlic - a stem you should always cut off, by the way, if you want the largest garlic cloves possible. (If you leave the flowers to bloom, the garlic plant will put most of it's energy into seed making, instead of clove making. On the other hand, garlic flowers are pretty, so if you have giant garlic cloves already, you might want them to go to flower and spread more garlic plants throughout your garden.) Onions can also produce scapes, but they are straight, not loopy, and they taste like, well, onions, instead of garlic.

Garlic scape.

If you don't grow garlic (which you should! They are easy peasy and grow well in containers.), you will probably find scapes at your local farmer's market.

But what do you do with them? I often just chop them up (from the bottom of the stem to the tip of the flower bud), freeze them, and use them in place of fresh garlic. Here are more ideas:

* Grilled scapes.
Scape beef satay, via Food52.

* Grilled ricotta toasts with scapes.

* Garlic scape beef satay. (Which makes me think it would be fun to try scapes in place of skewers for kebobs.)

* White bean and garlic scape dip.

* One pot pasta with garlic scapes, zucchini, and leeks.

* Bacon wrapped scapes.

* Pickled scapes.

* Dilly beans with scapes. 

* Fermented pickles with scapes.

* Garlic scape vinegar.

* Scape pesto. Use your favorite basil pesto recipe, but substitute 1/4 inch pieces of scapes for the basil. (Omit any garlic the recipe may call for.)

* Spinach, pea, and garlic scape soup.

* Scape soup. 

* Chicken, garlic scape, and potato soup.
Tomato salad with scape and kale dressing, via Paleo Spirit.

* Garlic scape ravioli.

* Chicken with garlic scapes and lemon. 

* Squash blossoms stuffed with scapes. 

* Sauteed scapes.  

* Stir fried scapes. 

* Roasted scapes.

* Tomato and scape salsa.

* Potato salad with scapes.  

* Baked cream cheese wantons with scapes.

* Mashed potatoes with scapes.

* Garlic scape hummus. 

* Garlic scape mustard.

* Garlic scape noodle casserole.

* Garlic scape biscuits. 
Scape fries, via The Daily Kitchen.

* Garlic scapes and roasted potatoes.

* Twice cooked pork with scapes. 

* Garlic scape and beef stir fry.

* Garlic scape carbonara pasta.

* Garlic scape, butternut squash, and kale frittata.

* Heirloom tomato salad with garlic scape and kale dressing. 

* Garlic scapes and roasted beet salad.

* Garlic scape chutney.

* Zucchini-garlic scape relish.

* Garlic scape taco sauce. 

* Garlic scape pizza.

* Garlic scape fries.

* Garlic scape vinaigrette.  

* Creamy garlic scape salad dressing. 
Garlic scape vinegar, via Pitchfork Diaries.

* Garlic scape risotto. 

* Garlic scape pasta primavera.

* Garlic scape marinated roasted red peppers. 

* "Rollerscapes" (a pasta dish). 

* Garlic scape and lemon thyme savory tart. 

* Scape and ricotta savory tart.

* Sriracha sauce with scapes.

* Tumeric sauce with scapes. 

* Garlic scape powder.

* Garlic scape jelly.  

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