Jul 14, 2014

Kristina vs. Knife. Knife Wins.

So I was going about my Sunday as usual, feeling really tired - but also excited to pull the first pattypan squash out of the garden and share it with my hubby at dinnertime. Then I decided to try slicing and grilling the squash. I got out my new, truly sharp chef's knife and began cutting the squash into thick slices...when, OWEEEE! I cut myself. Not just that - I cut the tip off my pinky finger.

There was so much blood, I couldn't tell if bone was exposed. A bit panicky, I told my daughter to run outide and fetch daddy. She must have looked quite panicky, because my husband raced in awfully quick. Long story short, I couldn't get the bleeding to slow down, so my husband took me to the emergency room. By the time a doctor actually saw me, the bleeding had nearly stopped. ("It bleeds and bleeds and bleeds when you do this to yourself," the doc said.) Fortunately, I didn't expose any bone. But because I entirely cut off the tip of the finger, leaving no flap of skin, they couldn't do stitches - so they bandaged me up, gave me a tetnus shot, and sent me home. It's gonna take quite a while to heal completely, and they tell me it will hurt a lot.

Right now, it's not painful...but keeping it dry while housekeeping - and typing with any kind of speed - isn't easy.

So...please be patient with me. Posting might be slower because my typing is sooooo much slower.

As for the knife...I suppose I'll use it again. But I doubt I will ever slice pattypan squash again!


  1. Oh I am so sorry!!! A elderly lady I know did this with her pointer finger while sewing with a machine somehow. She cut off one side of the tip. Looked like a pointy witch's finger, she said. I had to agree. But somehow the finger basically repaired itself to looking almost 100% normal again. I pray you heal quickly and very well! The most pain will probably come as the nerves start repairing issues they have. Please keep us posted, and start early since it will take you so long to type it out! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! That is bad :( I am so sorry and I will pray for you a speedy recovery!

  3. I am so sorry. Two summers ago, when I was harvesting my first green beans I was using my super sharp kitchen scissors. I snipped one of my fingers. I big gash. There was a lot of blood, but I was so mad at my stupidity that I didn't really feel the pain much. When you are bleeding, holding pressure for a long time (like 5 minutes) is necessary for the blood to stop flowing and coagulate. unfortunately we don't have that patience when you give yourself a wound and we start panicking and checking on it, uncovering the cut and making it bleed some more. After a few minutes I bandaged my finger and had to wear gloves whenever I did anything around the house, trying to keep the finger dry. I was a hassle for a week, but it healed up nicely without stitches or scars. :) So yeah, you will be ready for more in a couple of weeks. :)