Apr 22, 2015

The Simple Cleaning Tip that Changes Everything

When I still had children in high chairs, I struggled to keep the high chairs, kitchen table, and dining-area floor clean. No matter what I gave those kiddos to eat, it seemed to end up all over the floor, the table, the chairs...and the children. So I would wipe the children off with a warm towel...but often neglected to wipe off the eating area surfaces, too.

That is, until I realized that doing so made cleaning those surfaces so much harder!

Yes, I was really tired. Yes, a thousand other things pulled at me, shouting, "I need attention...right now!" (Not to mention children were literally pulling on me, saying "Mama! Mama!") But putting off cleaning messes only meant more work, more energy, and more time later.

So I learned to clean messes the way I cleaned my children: Right away.

(Okay, confession time: I'm not perfect at this. Sometimes I still put off cleaning messes. But I know the work is much easier if I don't!)

So next time your sweet babes, your husband, or you make a mess, stop. Clean it up right then. Usually, it will take less than a minute. Rarely will it take more than a couple of minutes. And then it's done. It won't tug at your mind, it won't weigh you down, and it will clean up quickly and easily, rather than requiring more effort on your part.

It's a game changer, friends.

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  1. So true. :) For my babies' first bday, someone gave me the idea of spreading out a disposable, $1, plastic tablecloth under the high chair where the cake would be eaten. That was SO helpful! After the cake fest, I just cleaned the high chair, then removed the chair and rolled the tablecloth up from one end to the other and tossed it. No floor to clean!