Jul 11, 2015

Weekend Links

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

* Baby wipe recall.

* 40 year old meat sold in China. But it's a great idea to have American meat processed there.

* Have you considered adopting but thought there was no way you could pay adoption fees? Then you'll want to read Tricia Goyer's post on how her family has adopted children for almost nothing.

* It's okay for kids to be bored at church.

* Is your vinegar GMO? The answer might surprise you. And put you in a pickle (no pun intended) when you're canning. Remember, homemade vinegar, or natural vinegar like Bragg's may not be acidic enough for safe home canning.

* Now American chicken farmers are sending their chicken all the way to China to be processed, then it will be sent back here for American consumers and labeled "Made in the USA?"

* Why you should consider adding beef tallow to your kitchen pantry.

* 10 Ways to lower the glycemic index of potatoes.

* Most children's vitamins are full of GMOs, aspartame, food dye, and other nasty stuff.

* A simple, cheap way to scare birds away from your homegrown berries.

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