Oct 3, 2015

Weekend Links

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

* Children exposed to 4 key bacteria are less likely to have asthma.

* Another good reason to grow your own veggies: The U.S. doesn't have enough vegetables for all its citizens. 

* Students grow rare squash from 800 year old seeds.

* 6 homeschooling misconceptions...erased. 

* Got homeschooled kids who complain? Try this brilliant idea of "sending them to public school" (sort of).

* The bad news about your kids' screen time

* Can you relate to this as well as I can? A mom's life: one millisecond at a time.

* Plastic doesn't take long to decompose in the sun, but it takes decades to decompose in a land fill. But nature has an answer.

* Great ideas for making the most of any kitchen.

* I received an exciting email about my free ebook A Day with the Dinosaurs this week. It may be selected by a film company as part of a special promotion! If you haven't seen this ebook, please do check it out. It's a chapter book in a similar style to the Magic Treehouse books, but with the gospel message and creation science throughout. And did I mention it is FREE??

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