Oct 31, 2015

Weekend Links

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

* By now, you've probably heard that WHO has declared processed meat cancer-causing and red meat probably cancer causing. But not only is this old news, the truth is "it isn't meat consumption itself that is carcinogenic, but rather heavy red and processed meat consumption IN THE ABSENCE OF VEGETABLE CONSUMPTION in the diet."

* Bacon causes cancer? Sort of. Not Really. Ish.

* I wish I had thought of this great idea for a keepsake Thanksgiving tablecloth when my kids were younger.

* Here's an excellent, detailed video about how a hen's body forms an egg. God's creation is amazing.

* Hubby and both kids are down with a terrible cold. I started taking my cold and flu remedy as soon as my husband said he had a sore throat...Two weeks later, I'm still well.

* Question: What do bloggers do that drives you crazy? Almost nobody answered this on Facebook. Come on, ladies, speak up in the comments :)

1 comment:

  1. Being a blogger myself, I drive myself crazy with declaring the start of a weight-loos program, only to quit it 2 weeks later with lame excuses, only to restart it again a million times over. Ha!

    One thing I hate is when other bloggers post, saying they are going to start posting more regularly, and then just disappear.... yet again. JUST POST. Either post or delete your blog. I don't care if you choose to do a monthly post even, JUST POST! I get interested in people if I read their blogs. I hate when they just disappear without any explanation, come back fired up, and disappear again.

    Wow, you got me all stirred up! Lol