Feb 6, 2016

Weekend Links

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page

THIS WEEK, I've made it so non-Proverbs 31 Woman links open in a new window. If you have any troubles with this new set up, would you please leave me a comment? Thanks so much!

* This arrived in the mail. It's widely considered the best reference on the subject, well backed up with scientific studies. Can't wait to read it!

* Common kitchen herbs often have medicinal properties.

* My hubby's cold started going into his chest, so I continued making him my Fight the Cold Tea, but added some mullein. He finds it remarkably effective - a thousand times better than something you could get in the store. Mullein, in particular, is an excellent treatment for illnesses that want to go into your lungs. It's also a weed almost everyone has growing nearby! Another good choice for sicknesses in the lungs is Old Man's Beard, found in many wooded areas.

* How to use Tea Tree Oil throughout the house.

* QUICK TIP: Got dried latex paint on your clothing? Rub on a little hand sanitizer. Works like a charm!

* How some well-intentioned people are hurting Monarch butterflies.

* Annie's brand has been bought by a huge GMO corp

Oldies But Goodies:

* How to turn empty toilet paper rolls into seedling pots
* Got seeds from last year? (Or a few years ago?) Here's how to discover whether they are still good.
* When you feel like a failure as a mom. 
* Combating bad thought patterns with Scripture.

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  1. The links opened fine for me :) I was fine with using the right click you taught me, too, though!