Jun 11, 2016


Last night, when I told the children this would be the final night they ever slept in these rooms, their eyes grew wide. Hours later, I heard a tiny voice call to me when I walked down the dark hallway. My daughter, only half awake: "How can you long to leave a place, but still be sad to go?" Indeed. We are all feeling a bit wistful on this, our moving day. We all want to leave, but this place also holds many precious memories.

Goodbye, old door, through which I entered this home as a bride.

Goodbye, bedrooms, to which I brought my babies. Thank you for keeping them warm and safe.

Goodbye, porch. I can still see the metal eyes my husband added to over-secure the baby swing. How many delighted giggles this porch has heard!

Goodbye, old maple tree, which fascinated my children from their infancy. Keep growing and watching over this place.

Goodbye, little red maple, which the children loved to climb.

Make new memories with a new family, and treat them well, little house.


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  1. We were so busy with moving that it was just go go go. Then, on the very last evening that we cleaned the last little thing before locking the door behind us for our final time, we gathered in the living room. We each told a memory that we had from the house. It was so precious to hear what the kids remembered. It was the only house they'd ever known. Then we stood in a circle with our arms around each other and prayed and BAWLED!!! We were so excited to be moving and be out of debt, but that home was and always will be precious to us. The people who bought it put in a 2nd bathroom and a new porch and put up yellow vinyl siding. They ripped up all the carpets and put a pretty plant on the front porch. Any time we are in the area, we always drive by... just to look. :)