Dec 19, 2016

Quick Update

Coming home with the Christmas tree, 1895.
If you've been wondering where I've been...sorry! Here's a quick update explaining why I haven't been posting.

My hubby is doing much better; however, he developed an infection a couple of days after his surgery. That's too quick to be from the surgery itself, so it probably was from the original injury. (Because, you know, a piece of old metal under your tongue isn't likely to cause infection! Ha!) He went to the ER for IV antibiotics and came home with antibiotic pills to take. By the next day, he was better, and today he feels just fine. The whole situation was a scary one, and we feel so thankful God preserved him.

My doc told me he'd give me three months; if my blood sugar numbers are good by then, he's putting me on insulin. That's pretty motivating! The frustrating thing is we couldn't figure why I am diabetic. He feels my diet is good; I rarely ate things made with flour and rarely ate rice. I very rarely ate anything sugary. I did consume potatoes, though, and I do wonder if all the fruit I ate this summer contributed. Mostly, I feel the diabetes is genetic.

At any rate, I'm now on a super low carb diet, as well as medication. Unfortunately, the medication has side effects while my body is getting used to it, so I've been feeling pretty sick. And when my blood sugar spikes? Ugh. I'm down for the count. But what's really clear is that I've been suffering with diabetes for a while and didn't know it. I had none of the more common symptoms. Extreme fatigue was my biggest one...but could have pointed to many things. It seems even my non-alcoholic fatty liver disease diagnosis may be incorrect; since beginning medication for diabetes, those symptoms (mostly nausea and vomiting) have all disappeared. (EDIT: I learned today that my diabetes medication is often a treatment for fatty liver, and that there's a link between fatty liver and diabetes.) I suppose the herbal medications I was taking for fatty liver made me feel better because they improved my liver function and therefore helped my liver process insulin better.

The lesson here is: Find a really good doctor and let him run blood tests!

I will be posting more after Christmas. In the meantime, I pray you have a truly blessed celebration!


  1. Glad your husband is okay!!! Are you on metformin? If so, my dr and pharmacist both told me different things about when to take it. I got sick both ways (30 minutes before meal and right before meal). Friends that were on metformin told me to take it MID meal or right after a meal and my stomach wouldn't have severe cramps and nausea. I did it their way, and they were right! I had no issues ever again. However, I was only taking mine to try to help fatty liver disease. I have not taken it in months. And yes, fruits are so sugary. It's sad! :( I found out raspberries are the lowest, then strawberries and blackberries, and blueberries are the highest carb berries. I think I linked you to Diet Doctor. If you look around there, it has pictures and the carbs listed. I found that helpful. :) You all get on the mend now!

  2. Metformin is prescribed for fatty liver? Oh that's interesting! Nausea hasn't been much of a problem for me, except the first few days. Thanks, Staci!

    1. Yes! It's amazing how they use meds to treat different things. And they found in some people that if they treated the fatty liver disease BEFORE diabetes hit, the person wouldn't even become diabetic. That's why I decided to take it. But in truth, I was excited that it might help me lose weight. LOL It didn't, so after a couple months I stopped it. Metformin gives my mom bowel incontinence, but she doesn't watch her diet at all so I think it's in part contributed to the fatty foods she constantly consumes (McDs, pizza, etc). I can't seem to get through to her!