Dec 3, 2016

Weekend Links & Updates

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 In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6

* Yesterday, we cut our Christmas tree...right on our own property. Now that was fun! It even has cones attached; we're leaving them in place, since most of our Christmas stuff is still packed :)  Bonus: It was too close to the house, so that's another chore taken care of. Plus we got a little firewood out of the deal.

* Also yesterday, my Instant Pot arrived. After a lot of hemming and hawing, my husband finally said, "It will make your life easier. Buy it." So I did. So far, I've cooked perfectly hard boiled eggs in it (which were the easiest eggs ever to peel), and as I type, I'm working on cooking black beans. (By the time I finished this post, the beans were done!) I'm pretty much like a kid with a new toy, here. I can't wait to try making yogurt in it!

I've used pressure cookers before, but I must say there are a lot of reasons the Instant Pot is better. Versatility is one. You can pressure cook, slow cook, saute or brown, and steam in this thing. I love kitchen gadgets that take the place of several other kitchen gadgets! (You've seen my tiny kitchen, right?) And I love that instead of having a Teflon or non-stick coating (which I feel is unhealthy; click here for more info on that), the Instant Pot has a stainless steel interior. (Which pops out and can be thrown in the dishwasher.) Previously I mostly used my pressure canner as a pressure cooker, and it's so large that it doesn't fit in the sink and therefore is a headache to clean. (For the record, pressure cookers are not the same as pressure canners. You can use some pressure canners as pressure cookers, but you cannot use any pressure cookers as pressure canners.)

* I haven't made any fermented foods since moving, and my body really misses them. So last week, I got a batch of fermented carrots going. These are so easy to make, and even picky kids love them. (Did you know that one bite of fermented food contains 100 times more probiotics than even the best pill? And homemade fermented foods contain more strains of "good bacteria" that store bought fermented foods.)

* Recall on dehumidifiers.

* Heinz gravy recalled.

* Sabra products recalled.

* Some products sold as containing aloe vera don't, according to recent tests.

* Focus on the Family has a free family Advent devotional this year. This link will also take you to links of their previous years' free advent calendars.

* Here's a free Advent calendar to go with The Jesus Storybook Bible (which is a book I highly recommend).

* Finally, mainstream science is admitting that studies showing negative effects of eating red meat are flawed. Red meat is good for you.

* On the Internet, there's an awful lot of misinformation about microwaves and how safe (or
unsafe) they are. Paleo Mom (who is a doctor and a trusted source) explains the truth behind these matters.

* Now is an excellent time of year to collect dandelion roots for food and medicine! Here's how. And if you want more idea on how to eat all parts of the high nutritious and medicinal dandelion, be sure to read my book The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook! 

* While you're at it, please don't forget my Easy as Pie Cookbook, which is a mere $2.99 for the Kindle (or $6.99 as a paperback). You're Christmas guests will love my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Pie...or my Green Tomato (tastes likes apple) Pie...or my Butternut Squash (which is the best "pumpkin pie") get the idea. 

Oldies But Goodies:

* Teach your kids meaningful Christmas carols this Advent.

* Activities to go along with popular children's Christmas books - a huge list!

* Our favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

* Gifts to help your child grow in Christ. 


  1. This lady has been posting NOTHING BUT instant pot recipes. In case you don't already know her, here's the link: I even looked one up on Amazon because of her constant recipes. lol