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Sep 27, 2012

Free Ebooks Galore!

Did you know that I regularly share free ebook deals with Proverbs 31 Woman Facebook followers? For example, today I posted links to over 20 free ebooks on topics including Christianity, parenting, homemaking, and gardening (including the books shown below) - a $151.90 value! These free ebooks may be read on a Kindle or on your computer.

Check out these limited time offers by "Liking" Proverbs 31 Woman on Facebook.

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Jul 2, 2012

If You Use Facebook, Read This

One of my favorite ways to keep track of blogs is via Facebook. Unfortunately, recent changes at that site are making it harder to actually see my favorite blog posts. And if you like to follow Proverbs 31 Woman via Facebook, you're probably encountering similar problems. In fact, most of the Proverbs 31 Woman blog post links and additional bonus material I publish is seen by less than half the people who "Like" this blog on Facebook!

What's happening is this: Facebook wants blogs to start paying for placement on their site. But if you're not making any money off a blog (and I am not), who can afford to pay? Fortunately, there is a way for you to see Proverbs 31 Woman's Facebook posts, but it requires a little legwork on your behalf:

1. Start by "Liking" the blog on Facebook, if you haven't done so already.

2. Next, hover your pointer over the "Liked" button until a drop down menu occurs. Occasionally, I have trouble getting this menu to appear. Clicking on the "Liked" button, then hovering again seems to help.

3. Make sure "Show in News Feed" has a check next to it. If it doesn't, just click this option to make a check appear.

4. Now in that same drop down menu, click "New List." Select Proverbs 31 Woman and name the list. Mine is called "Favorites."

Now all of Proverbs 31 Woman's Facebook posts should appear in your feed.

To do the same thing with other Facebook pages you "Like," go to your Facebook profile and scroll down to the section marked "Likes." Click on "Likes" and all your Liked pages appear. Then you can go through the above steps to ensure those pages are getting their posts on your Facebook news feed.

It's a pain, unfortunately. I wish I could make it easier for you!

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