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Nov 17, 2017

How to Teach Toddlers and Preschoolers to Put on Their Own Jackets

Teach Little Kids to Put on Their Own Coat
It's been a while since my kids were toddlers or preschoolers (sniff!), but there was a trick I used to teach them to put on their own coats and jackets that I don't see elsewhere on the Internet or in magazines. I LOVED teaching my kids this trick because:

* It saved me time and hassle
* and it made my kids feel more independent. (What toddler or preschooler doesn't love doing it all by herself?)

When my mother saw me use this trick with my first born, she said, "Why not just teach her to put on her jacket the normal way?" Well, because toddlers and preschoolers, generally speaking, can't do it the way an adult or bigger kid does. But they absolutely can put on their own jacket by following these simple steps:

1. Place the jacket on the floor, the right side facing down. At first, you'll probably need to do this for your child, but it won't be long before he figures out how to "do it myself!"

2. Have your child stand at the head of the jacket and place his arms inside the sleeves. It will look like he's about to put on his jacket backward and upside down. (See photos.)

3. Have your child flip the jacket over his head. Viola! It's on correctly and you or your child can now zip it up.

This post is an updated version of one that originally appeared in October of 2009.

Oct 24, 2017

What Fills Your Day? An Easy Experiment for Kids

Easy Experiment for Children
Years ago, my firstborn and I conducted a preschool experiment that, given the culture we live in, ought to be required for people of all ages. Not only does it illustrate how easy it is to fill our lives with less important things, it also shows there's always room for Jesus, every single day.

To prepare, I cut up some inexpensive sponges, dug out an empty glass jar (see-through plastic works, too), and filled a pitcher with water.

I laid the sponges and the jar on the table and asked my daughter to name some things that fill her day. She came up with many things, from brushing her teeth and hair to doing school work and playing with her toys. For each thing she named, I asked her to place one piece of sponge in the jar.

Soon I said, "It doesn't seem like there's room for anything else, does there?" We then took a few minutes to discuss whether she had filled her jar with time wasters, less important things, or truly important things. "If we remove some of the less important sponges - like maybe watching cartoons - will you have room for more important things, like visiting with friends?" I asked. She readily agreed.

Then I touched the pitcher of water. "Jesus is like this water," I said, as I slowly poured the liquid into the jar. She wasn't sure she understood, so I explained: "It seemed there was room for nothing else in the jar, didn't it? But there was plenty of room left for this water. Sometimes our lives seem so busy - much too full for us to spend time with God. But there is always time for Him. And what do you notice about the sponges now?"

She said they were bigger. "Yes, the sponges grew, didn't they?" I said. "That's what Jesus does to us. When we make time for him, he fills us up with lots of good things."

It's a lesson she never forgot.

This post was originally published in a slightly different form on 10/9/09.

Aug 17, 2015

Our Favorite Kids Educational Programs on Netflix Streaming - UPDATED!

3/26/2014: We save hundreds each year by not buying cable TV. Instead, we pay for Netflix streaming ($7.99/month). Not only is it incredibly cheaper, but we don't have to deal with commercials. And for years, I've been using Netflix's instant streaming programing to help educate my kids. I mean, if I'm going to let them watch anything, why not let it be something they can learn from? With that in mind, here are our favorites.* (All age listings are approximate.)

UPDATE 8/17/2015: Some of our favorite educational shows are no longer on Netflix streaming. (Wah! No more Beakman's World!) I've included the names of these shows at the end of this post, so you can keep an eye out for them if they become available, if you want to try to rent them on DVD, or you want to try to find them from another source. In the meantime, I've completely updated the list. As of 8/17/2015, all the following shows are available on Netflix streaming.


The Magic School Bus (ages 5 - 9)
Wild Kratts (ages 5 - 10)
David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials (ages 6 and up)


Word World (4 - 6)
Amazing Word Explorers (4 - 7)

Preschool Basics:
Sesame Street Classics and Numbers and Letters
Shapeville Park
Phonics Farm
The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park
Sesame Street and Sesame Street Classics
Reading Rainbow

Cat in the Hat (ages 2 - 7)
Veggies Tales (the new series; ages 2 - 7)
Little Einsteins (ages 2 - 6)
Mighty Machines (ages 2 - 5)
Various documentaries (These change rapidly, so I suggest browsing the documentaries section regularly. Note that you can expect all nature related documentaries to mention evolution.)

BONUS: If you use a Roku device for streaming Netflix, there are many other educational channels you can watch for FREE. These channels include:

PBS Kids
The Smithsonian Channel
The History Channel
National Geographic Kids
Kids' Food

The list grows monthly. (Note that some stations, like The History Channel and National Geographic Kids, allows Roku users to see only some episodes.)

Currently Unavailable on Netflix Streaming:

Beakman's World (ages 5 - 10)
How Stuff Works (ages 5 - adult)
How Do They Do It (ages 5 - adult)
Reading Rainbow Ocean Life (ages 3 - 5)
God of Wonders (creation science; ages 5 - adult)
Dragons or Dinosaurs (creation science; ages 6 - adult)
Wonders of God's Creation (creation science; ages 6 - adult)
Dear America (ages 5 - 13)
Storybook Treasures: Amazing America (ages 5 - 9)
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (ages 4 - 12)
WordGirl (ages 5 - 9; look for this on Roku's PBS Kids station)
Busytown Mysteries (ages 2 - 5)
Numberland (preschool)
The All About series (All about Astronauts, All About Cars, etc.; misc.; ages 3 - 6)

* Please note that Nextflix streaming offerings change periodically.

Nov 3, 2014

Toys That Have Endured

Are you thinking about Christmas gifts yet? I am...and as I look around our house, I realize that even though most of the things my children have received as gifts haven't endured, some gifts certainly have. My children play with them over and over again.And I'm betting yours will, too.


I don't think I've ever met a kid who doesn't like train sets. But by far the best train set for children is, in my opinion, Geotrax. Why? It's easy to put together, the tracks don't fall apart easily (yet they are still not hard to take the tracks apart), it's durable, the remote controls are simple to use - and it's just plain fun! We started out with a basic set purchased at a toy store, then added additional tracks that I found used on Ebay. All the Geotrax stuff is interchangeable, which is another excellent feature.

Pattern Blocks Puzzle

At my house, puzzles generally get put together once or twice, and then my kids aren't interested in them any more. But this puzzle set is something both my children continue to use. When young, my kids use the picture boards that come with the set. Later, they use the blocks to create their own designs. I've even used this set for homeschooling - to teach geometric shapes and for symmetry lessons.

Wooden Blocks

If my kids could only have one toy, I'd make it a set of blocks. Toddlers love them. Gradeschoolers love them. Even tweens love them!


This classic building toy is a must have for any child who likes to build and create. At this point, we've stuck mainly to the larger style Duplo blocks (the ones just one size down from "regular" Legos); this seems a bit more manageable when pick-up time comes along.

Magna Doodle

My kids love Magna Doodles, even though they have plenty of access to paper, pencils, crayons, and pens. The cool thing is, Magna Doodles require none of these, and are perfect for taking in the car, to doctor's offices, or on road trips. My kids have literally worn theirs out after years and years of use!

Felt Calendar

Both my kids learned their days of the week, months of the year, seasons, years, and more about numbers by using a felt "calendar." There's something about the set up of this thing that kids love! (TIP: I used simple songs to teach the days of the week and the months of the year alongside our felt calendar. My preference is "There are Seven Days a Week" sung to the tune of  "Clementine" and "These are Twelve Months of the Year" sung to the tune of "Ten Little Indians.")


Of all the toys my kids use for pretend play, puppets are the most enduring. We have finger puppets, hand puppets, and even a simple marionette we found in a thrift store. They get used nearly every day, by both children.

Be sure to also check out our family's favorite board and card games.

Aug 8, 2014

Back to School Ideas

A whole week is nearly gone and I've only posted once. I do apologize; I just haven't been feeling great. Plus, I'm busy preparing for a duo birthday party (hubby and daughter). But school is starting up again for some of you, so I thought I'd point you to some older posts that are still relevant for school days. Enjoy!

* Back to School Breakfast Ideas - Quick, healthy ways to get your kids off to a great start each day.

* Back to School = I Love My Crockpot - Make school time easier by making good use of your slow cooker.

* Why Homeschool Preschool? - Why I, and so many others, choose to homeschool during the preschool years.

* Homeschool Preschool: Thoughts on Readiness - How do you know when your child is ready to learn?

* 5 Safety Rules for Every Kid - School time means more time away from mom and dad. Be sure your kids know these important safety tips.

* Keeping Toddlers Busy While Homeschooling - Tips from a mom who's been there!

* Sleep Deprivation: The Childhood "Epidemic" - Poor sleep means poor learning; here's how to help your child sleep better.

* Our Favorite Kids Education Programs Streaming on Netflix - Why not let TV time be education time?

Apr 11, 2014

Letter of the Week: T

T is for Tractor, via Our Crafts-n-Things.
This week, begin by showing your child an upper- and lowercase T. "T says t! Like teddy!" Then consider playing a game that lets you review all the letters she or he has learned so far: The Teddy Bear Letter Game. (Take turns being the growly teddy bear.) There are also lots of T foods you could eat today, including turkey, tuna, toast, tortilla chips, tomatoes, tarts, tapioca pudding, and tea.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here

* T is for Turkey (see also)
* T is for Turkey (2)
* Turkey hat craft
* Turkey lunch
* Turkey counting
* T is for Treasure (this would tie in with a memory verse: Matt. 6:21)
* Treasure letter maps
* T is for Tire Tracks

* T is for Tiger (lowercase; this is a craft kit, but you could easily fashion this yourself; see also)
* T is for Tiger (uppercase; see also; and this, also)
* Tiger's Teeth paper plate craft
* Tiger paper bag puppet
* Tiger paper plate craft
* Tiger toilet paper roll craft
* T is for Train  (see also)
* Train name writing craft
* Train shape craft
* Train printable craft
* Train colors activity
* Train lunch
* T is for Table (see also)
* T is for Turtle
* Turtle paper plate craft
* Turtle counting
* Turtle lacing, size sort, etc.
* Turtle weaving craft
* T is for Tree (see also)
* Tree shape activities
* Tree life cycle activity
* Tutu hand print craft
* T is for Tea
* T is for Telephone
* T is for Tractor
* Teeth craft* Teddy bear counting and more
* T is for Tulips
* Tulip hand print craft
* Truck counting
* Teddy bear color game
* Teddy bear mask craft
* Teddy bear drawing
* Teddy bear lunch
* Teddy bear snack (see also)
* Phonics: The Letter T
* Sesame Street: 10 Tiny T's do the Tango
* Sesame Street: The Missing T's (part I; part II)
* Sesame Street: Limerick Letter T
* Sesame Street: Cookie Monster and Letter T
* Sesame Street: T Words
* Sesame Street: T Dance
* Sesame Street: T is for Turkey

Apr 4, 2014

Letter of the Week: S

S is for Snail, via Totally Tots.
This week, try having a breakfast that includes strawberries. Say: "Sssstrawberries start with an S. S says sssss, like a snake. Ssssnake starts with S, too!" Then brainstorm other words that start with S. Be sure to show your child what an upper- and lowercase S look like. Later in the day, you might eat salad, spaghetti, a sandwich, seafood, sherbet, soup, spinach, squash, or stew. Be sure to also chose one or more S crafts or activities, below:

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here

* S is for Spider
* S is for Spider (2)
* Spider hand print craft 
* Spider counting printable
* Spider hat
* Spider leg counting
* Spider Oreo treat (A healthier alternative: Instead of a cookie, use crackers with peanut butter or cream cheese filling.)

* Spider krispie snacks
* Spider individual pizzas
* Spider deviled eggs
* S is for Superhero (see also)
* Superhero unit
* S is for (Spotted) Snake
* Number, letter, or color Snakes
* Toilet paper roll Snake craft
* Spiral paper plate Snake craft
* Paper chain Snake craft
* Snake snack
* Snake snack (2)
* S is for Swan (see also)
* S is for Scarf
* S is for Spaghetti
* S is for Snail
* S is for Squirrel
* S is for Snowman
* S is for Snow
* S is for Snow (2)
* S is for Squares and Stars
* S is for Seahorse
* S is for Seahorse (2)
* S is for Shiny Silver
* S is for Stripes
* S is for Seeds
* S is for Sand
* S is for Sewing
* S is for Skunk
* S is for Swirls
* S is for Sunshine and Sailboats in the Sea
* Phonics: Letter S
* Sesame Street: Letter S
* Sesame Street: Sammy the Snake
* Sesame Street: Bubba's Word Emporium: S
* Sesame Street: Grover and Letter S

Mar 29, 2014

Letter of the Week: R - plus FREE R is for Robot Printable

R is for Robot.
Begin this week by eating some raisin oatmeal or rolls. Then show your child an upper- and lowercase R. "R says rrrrrr. Rrrrrr like rrrraisin and rrrroll!" Later in the day, consider eating radishes, raspberries, ravioli, rice, or rainbow sherbet. And there are lots of R related crafts and activities to choose from, below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here

* R is for Robot (see above; click here for free printable)
* Robot toilet paper roll craft
* Robot shape craft
* Robot lunch
* Robot counting
* Robot unit
* R is for Rocket (uppercase)
* R is for Rocket (lowercase)
* Rocket shape craft
* Rocket letter craft (scroll down)
* Rocket printable craft
* Rocket craft

* R is for Risen dot page
* He is Risen buns snack* R is for Reindeer (uppercase)
* R is for Reindeer (uppercase 2)
* R is for Reindeer (lowercase)
* R is for Reindeer (upper- and lowercase)
* R is for Reindeer tracing sheet
* R is for Rocks
* R is for Ribbon
* R is for Rainbow 
* R is for Rainbow (2)
* R is for Rainbow (3; see also)
* R is for Rainbow (4)
* God makes Rainbows craft
* Rainbow colors and counting activity
* Rainbow rain science experiment
* R is for Rain
* R is for Rabbit (uppercase)
* R is for Rabbit (uppercase 2)
* R is for Rabbit (uppercase 3)
* R is for Rabbit (lowercase)
* Rabbit color by letter printable
* Rabbit paper plate craft
* Rabbit ears headband craft
* Rabbit paper plate mask craft
* Rabbit carrot counting
* Rainbow fish craft
* R is for Raccoon
* R is for Raccoon (2)
* Raccoon hand print craft
* Raccoon toilet paper craft
* Raccoon paper bag puppet craft
* Raccoon paper plate craft
* R is for Rhino (lowercase)
* Rhino paper plate craft
* Rhino printable craft
* R is for Rooster (lowercase)
* R is for Rooster (uppercase)
* Rooster mask craft
* Rooster hat craft
* R is for Road (uppercase)
* R is for Road (lowercase)
* R is for Rice
* R is for Raspberries
* Phonics: Letter R
* Sesame Street: Letter R
* Sesame Street: Grover and the Letter R
* Sesame Street: Special on the Menu: Letter R
* Sesame Street: Chalk R
* Sesame Street: Big Bird's R Sightings
* Sesame Street: Ernie's R Collection
* Sesame Street: Gladys at the Double R Ranch

Mar 21, 2014

Letter of the Week: Z

Z is for Zebra, via Raising and Teaching a Smarty Pants
Give yourself and your child a big back on the back; you've gone through every letter but the last! This week, show your child an upper- and lowercase Z and tell him what sound it makes: "Z says zzzz." Then brainstorm words with the Z sound. Today you might also eat some Z foods, like zucchini (or zucchini bread) or zoo animal crackers. Then move on to one or more of the Z crafts and activities, below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.  

* Z is for Zebra (see also)
* Z is for Zipper-stamped Zebra
* Zebra size sort, simple puzzle, and more
* Zebra count, lacing, graphing, and more
* Zebra mask craft (see also here, here, and here)
* Zebra hand print craft
* Zebra paper bag craft
* Zebra in the Zoo craft
* Zebra lunch

* Z is for Zipper
* Z is for Zipper (2)
* Z is for Zoo
* Z is for Zoo (2)
* Zoo preschool unit study
* Zoo animal tracks activity
* Zoo craft (consider using a zebra instead of a lion)
* Z is for Zig Zag
* Zig Zag vehicle track activity
* Z is for Zzzzzz
* Phonics: Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Kermit Talks About the Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Z Zebra Song
* Sesame Street: Looking for the Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Z Z Blues
* Sesame Street: Z is for Zebra

Mar 14, 2014

Letter of the Week: Y

Y is for Yellow Yarn
When your child is ready to move on to the letter Y, begin by showing him the upper- and lowercase version of the letter. "Y says 'yuh.' What words start with the yuh sound?" One Y word can be the theme for your day or week: Yellow. Eat yellow foods (like bananas, yellow cheese, yellow yogurt, and so on) and see if you can tune your child into pointing out as many things as possible that are yellow or begin with the Y sound. Then do one or more of the activities below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here

* Y is for Yarn lacing activity
* Y is for Yarn
* Y is for Yarn craft
* Yarn monster craft
* Yarn balls or eggs craft
* Yarn bowl craft
* Y is for Yak (see also)
* Y is for Yak (and Yarn)
* Yak toilet paper tube craft
* Yak hat craft
* Yak hand print craft 
* Yak paper bag puppet
* Yak paper plate craft
* Y is for Yoyo
* Y is for Yoyo (2)
* Yoyo craft

* Y is for Yolk
* Y is for Yummy
* Y is for Yellow
* Y is for Yellow (2; see also)
* Yellow jacket craft
* Yoda lunch
* Phonics: Letter Y
* Sesame Street: Letter Y
* Sesame Street: Why Do You Love the Letter Y?
* Sesame Street: Letter of the Day Game Show: Y
* Sesame Street: I Wanna Know Y

Mar 7, 2014

Letter of the Week: X

X is for foX.
Once your child is comfortable identifying  letters A - V, you'll probably find teaching the letter X a little more challenging. That's because there are no words that begin with the letter X that say it's most common sound: "ks." And while you will find the "ks" sound at the end of words like "fox" and "box,", all the other letters you've taught so far have used words that begin with the sound you are teaching.

So you have a choice to make. You may either switch gears and use words that end with X's "ks" sound, or you may choose to teach the letter X using one of it's beginning-of-the-word sounds. Which choice you make, I think, depends upon your child's progress with phonics. If your child is really just learning to recognize letters and their names, I believe you should feel free to teach the letter X with words like "xylophone" and "X-ray." But if your child is really catching on to phonics, I suggest using words like "fox."

Once you've made your choice, show your child an upper- and lowercase X and the sound(s) it makes. Then choose one of more of the activities below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.

* X is for X-Ray
* X-ray portrait
* X-ray craft
* X-ray Q-tip craft
* X-ray hand print art
* X-ray fish hand print art
* X-ray cookies
* X is for Xylophone
* X is for Xylophone (2)
* Xylophone stick craft
* Xylophone snack
* Xylophone dot sticker page printable
* Xylophone game, color by number, simple puzzle, size sort, and more
* X is for X marks the spot
* X marks the spot snack
* X marks the spot games and worksheets
* X craft with tile spacers
* Fox in Socks craft
* Fox toilet paper tube craft
* Fox paper plate craft
* Fox mask craft
* Phonics: Letter X
* Sesame Street: Letter X
* Sesame Street: X Marks the Spot
* Sesame Street: Harvey Kneeslapper
* Sesame Street: The Great Alfonzo
* Sesame Street: Mystery Guest X
* Sesame Street: Letter X Lecture
* Sesame Street: The Letter X Song
* Sesame Street: Cowboy X

Feb 28, 2014

Letter of the Week: W - with Free Printable Worm Stick Puppet

W is for Worm. Click here for the free printable.
After reviewing letters A - V, start this week by introducing upper- and lowercase W. "W says wuh!" Then serve up some waffles for breakfast. Other great foods to eat today are watermelon, walnuts, and whipped cream. And don't forget to drink water! Then choose one or more of the letter W related crafts and activities, below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.

* W is for Watermelon
* W is for Watermelon (2)
* Watermelon play dough
* Watermelon math (May I suggest simply slicing watermelon and counting the seeds? Or, if watermelons aren't available, drawing and coloring some paper ones?)
* Watermelon lunch
* Watermelon cake
* Watermelon craft
* Watermelon sewing
* W is for Worm
* W is for Worm (2)
* W is for Worm (3)
* Worm stick puppet printable craft (see photo, above)
* Worm pom pom craft (try making this in the shape of a W)
* Calling up worms science activity
* Wormery science project
* Worm snack
* Worm lunch
* W is for Waves (see also)
* W is for Web
* Web paper plate craft (scroll down)
* Web game

* W is for Wagon
* W is for Winter
* Weather wheel craft
* Windmill printable toilet paper roll craft
* George Washington paper plate craft
* W is for Word
* He's Got the Whole World in His Hands craft
* World cupcakes (and other treats)
* W is for Walrus
* W is for Walrus (2; see also)
* W is for Walrus (3)
* Walrus printable craft
* Walrus paper plate craft
* Walrus paper bag puppet
* W is for Wheel
* W is for Whale
* Whale printable craft
* Whale lunch
* Phonics: The Letter W
* Sesame Street: Wanted Letter W
* Sesame Street: Kermit's Letter W Lecture (part II is here)
* Sesame Street: Letter W Fireflies
* Sesame Street: W for Willamina
* Sesame Street: Letter W in the Pool

Feb 21, 2014

Letter of the Week: V

V is for volcano.
After reviewing the letters A - U, introduce your child to the letter V by using painter's tape to create a large V on the floor. Show your child that the uppercase and lowercase V are the same, except the latter is smaller. Then say, "V says vvvvvv!" Brainstorm words that have the V sound, being sure to end with "vehicles." Then show your child how to use the painter's tape V as a road for toy vehicles. Encourage your child to make her own painter's tape Vs to create intersecting roads. Ask: "Can you make a letter V with your vehicles?" When your child is ready to move on, choose one or more of the crafts, activities, or videos, below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.

* V is for Violin
* V is for Vine (see also)
* V is for Vegetables
* Vegetable stick puppets (these offer a great opportunity to talk about how yummy and healthy veggies are)
* Veggie prints craft
* V is for Volcano
* V is for Volcano (2)
* Volcano dot sticker printable
* Volcano craft
* Volcano science project
* V is for Vulture
* V is for Vulture (2)

* V is for Vulture (3)
* Vulture hand print craft
* V is for Vacuum
* Very hungry caterpillar craft (for more caterpillar ideas, see Letter of the Week: C)
* V is for Vase
* V is for Vase (with Vegetable Stamping)
* Vase snack
* V is for Vacation
* V is for Vehicle (paste paper vehicles onto a large construction paper V)
* Vehicle counting cards
* Vehicle math ideas
* Phonics: Letter V
* Sesame Street: All About V
* Sesame Street: Letter V Salesman
* Sesame Street: The Violin Song
* Sesame Street: Letter V Song
* Sesame Street: V is for Volcano

Feb 14, 2014

Letter of the Week: U

U is for Underground.
As with all weeks, begin by reviewing the entire alphabet. Don't be afraid to pause to review and better learn letters your child may be struggling with. If your child can sing the "ABC Song" easily and recognizes all (or most) of the letters A - Q, your child is ready to move on to the letter U. (Please see the notes on here on whether or not you should teach your child Q and U together.)

Begin by showing your child an upper- and lowercase letter U. "U says uh! Uh! Uh!...Uh like 'up!' Can you think of any other words that start with the uh sound?"

Then I suggest playing Letter U Toss - it's like a horseshoe toss, but more preschool friendly! Another fun idea is to have an Upside Down day. What can you wear upside down? What can you eat upside down? (How about an Upside Down Sundae?) Then move on to one or more of the activities below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.

* Letter U color by letter printable
* U is for Umbrella  (see also)
* Umbrella color by letter printable
* Umbrella craft (using white glue for rain)
* Umbrella shape puzzles, scavenger hunt, lacing and more
* Umbrella counting
* Umbrella shape match
* Umbrella mobile craft
* Umbrella snack
* Umbrella snack (2)

* U is for Underwater (see also)
* U is for Underground
* U is for Upside down
* Underwear painting
* U is for Ursula (print a picture of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, cut it out, and have child paste it onto a large letter U made from construction paper. "Ursula" doesn't use the most common sound for U; use at your own discretion.)
* U is for Utensil (This project doesn't use the most common sound for U; use at your own discretion)
* U is for Unicycle (This is a kit, but it would be easy to make yourself. This project doesn't use the most common sound for U; use at your own discretion.)
* U is for Unicorn ("Unicorn" doesn't use the most common sound for U; use at your own discretion)
* Unicorn printable craft
* Unicorn dot printable craft
* Unicorn handprint craft
* Unicorn lunch 
* Phonics: The Letter U
* Sesame Street: Letter U
* Sesame Street: U Really Got a Hold on Me
* Sesame Street: My Best Friend's Ukelele
* Sesame Street: Cookie Monster's Letter of the Day: U
* Sesame Street: Here's to U
* Sesame Street: U with the Martians