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May 11, 2018

Weekend Links

Spring on the homestead.
In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

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"In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety."

Psalm 4:8

* I'm getting a hysterectomy for Mother's Day. Thankfully, I can chuckle about this! I'm not looking forward to the surgery, or to the recovery time, but I am looking forward to (Lord, willing) feeling better once I'm recovered. By the way, an awful lot of people think a hysterectomy is "no big deal." Mmmm...not really. It's a major surgery, with the removal of major organs, and recovery time varies considerably depending upon how the surgery was done (there are three basic methods, depending upon the health issues being addressed). So I'm prepping as best I can for the six week-ish recovery my doctor says I'll need, knowing t will likely take even longer to feel myself again.
The first line-dried laundry of the year!
But what an awful time of year to do such prepping! I was hoping to empty our freezer, now that my canning kitchen is complete. After all, it won't be too long and we'll have fruit in our orchard  needing preserving. I've made a good go at this task, canning up salsa (from last year's frozen tomatoes; click here for my salsa recipe, and here for info on freezing whole tomatoes) and some stock (click here for directions). I've also freeze-dried ham (bought on sale this Easter), split pea soup, and a variety of frozen veggies. But finish the job of emptying the freezer? It's just not gonna happen before my surgery.
First time using my canning kitchen.
And then there's the garden. Not only has acute anemia (which negatively affects every organ in the body) slowed me down this spring, but so has our weather. Like a lot of areas of the U.S., we've had a cooler than usual spring. This means my seedlings are smaller than I might otherwise expect at this time of year. Which means they are by no means ready to go into the garden. Which, incidentally, I still don't have. (I was thinking of doing a straw bale garden this year, as a quick and cheap alternative to trucking soil into my rocky garden spot, but it hasn't happened yet.) I did get some nursery-purchased tomato plants into the soil of the greenhouse, but everything else isn't ready to repot or move. So...who knows what will happen to this year's garden!

One area where I've been a bit more successful is making freezer meals for my family, so I don't feel the need to cook for a couple of weeks after my surgery. I don't normally do a lot of freezer meals, so it's been interesting to try to think of simple meals my family likes and that are so easy to reheat my kids can do it.
You might be a redneck if...your new raised bed is an old bathtub you found in the bushes.
I will be blogging during my recovery, although I'm not sure how often. (I wanted to write up a bunch of posts and schedule them to post periodically, but it just hasn't happened.)

* Amazon is barring a Christian organization from using its Smile program, yet allows other questionable groups to use it. My livelihood comes primarily from Amazon, so I am particularly disturbed about this. PLEASE take a moment to write to Amazon, complaining, and please consider ending your Prime subscription if Amazon doesn't amend this situation.
Using frozen tomatoes for salsa.

* Recall on ground beef.

* Recall on fresh oysters. 

* Recall on detox tea.

* An interesting article on how changing your diet can be a spiritual move. I think there's a lot of truth to this.

* Growing figs. By me, for Self-Reliance magazine.

* A clever way to freeze eggs.

* Tips for purchasing the best parental control router. 

* "Is curing patients a sustainable business model?" I have learned the hard way that pharmaceuticals and even health organizations you might trust believe the answer is NO.

Oldies But Goodies:

* How to Kill E.coli on Vegetables and Fruits 

* Eating Dandelion Flowers

* Use up your garlic scapes with these great recipes!

* Got rhubarb? Here's what to do with it.

Apr 7, 2018

Weekend Links

The plums are blooming!
In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

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"Pray without ceasing."

1 Thessalonians 5:17 ______________________________________

* I don't talk about my health issues much, unless I feel I can help others by doing so. But I know the power of prayer, and I could really use here goes. Not long ago, I was diagnosed with anemia. I'll probably be having surgery to correct the underlying problem, but this could take time...and in the meantime, I feel like a little old woman. The anemia causes a speeding heart, dizziness and seeing black (it's probably responsible for my super low blood pressure spell a few months ago), muscle pain and weakness, extreme fatigue, inability to think straight, and probably other things I'm forgetting due to my brain being so tired, too. Folks treat me like I should be able to handle homeschooling, writing to help support my family, doing all the housework, and other stuff...when in reality, I just need to go to bed. The doc may insist on an iron infusion (he says it's risky) or blood transfusion (obviously not that desirable, either) before my surgery if I can't manage to up my iron supplements, which make me seriously nauseated all day and often make me vomit or have digestive issues. Would you pray for me? Thank you.

* On a lighter note, English shepherds are a superb dog breed for homesteaders. You can even teach them to help in the garden :D

* Lately, a lot of people are asking how long it takes to dehydrate such-and-such a food. While there are writers who give times, I DO NOT. And I have good reason! Too often, I've seen people dehydrate by time, and end up with an under-dehydrated food that gets moldy in storage. That's because there are way too many variables to give accurate times on dehydrating. For example, if you cut your food thicker than I do, it will take longer to dry, or if the room your dehydrator sits in is more humid than mine, a longer dehydrating time will be necessary. CONCLUSION: To truly know if you've dried food long enough, you must rip it and look and feel for moisture. If there is any sign of moisture, keep dehydrating! Otherwise, the food is ready to go and should be placed in an airtight jar in a cool, dark location. (Or, you may seal it with a Food Saver.) Desiccant packs may also be prudent if you live in a humid location. (Learn more about how to dehydrate food here.)
I dehydrated rosemary last week.
* I enjoyed picking wild Siberian Miner's Lettuce last week. I used it mostly for salads. I love the veggie keeper I use to extend its shelf life. (Here's more info on finding Miners Lettuce in your area.)

Greens keep really fresh in this container.

* A really interesting read. Among other interesting tidbits: " He gave his cows the choice to consume the conventionally grown corn or BT corn. His cows ate the conventionally grown, however they smelled the BT corn and walked away from it. 'That’s not normal,' says Vlieger. He has tried this with many other animals and found that if they have not been forced to consume GMOs in the past, they won’t eat them and will go for the conventional feed instead."

* Recall of diaper cream, due to microbial contamination.

* 40 Years of Low Fat Diets are a Failed Experiment, says the latest research.

* Managing headaches and migraines, naturally.

The seeds are started!
* Pine sap as medicine.

* Want to save vegetable seeds this year? Here are some important considerations before doing so. Make sure you don't contaminate your seed! 

* Have a neighbor or relative with a plant you love? You may be able to easily propagate it, using just a small stem.

* 15 herbs to grow in the shade.

* Teaching your kids how to write a book report? This free printable makes it fun! I printed each page of the "sandwich" in an appropriate color. For example, the tomato page was read, the lettuce page was green, and so on.

* To the Mom Who Wants to Raise Godly Kids.

Oldies But Goodies:
Hubby found another pink bath tub - I mean, garden planter - in the briars!

* Early Spring Wild Edible Walk. (video)

* Is Your Birth Control Causing Abortions?

*  Making Dandelion Jelly (such a fun project to do with the kids!)

* A Proverbs 31 Woman's Priorities

* Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Feb 17, 2018

Weekend Links & Updates

Playing Miss Hannigan in Annie.
In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

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On practising (i.e. "repeated exercise in or performance of an activity") sin:

"No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him...the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous; the one who practices sin is of the devil...By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God nor the one who does not love his brother."

1 John 3:4 - 10

* I've been rather absent, not only on the blog, but also on Facebook and Instagram. I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten you, I've just been a bit overwhelmed. As I mentioned a while ago, I've been rehearsing for a local production of Annie, plus doing all my usual homeschooling, working from home, and homesteading. As if that weren't bad enough, I've been SO sick! In fact, the whole cast of the show is quite ill; I've never seen anything like it. I blame it on having lots of little kids running around, plus tiny, crowded dressing rooms with no ventilation. All my usual herbal preventatives and cures haven't worked, and I ended up with a bad sinus infection (that's has me partially deaf...fully deaf in one ear for a couple of days) and had to get on a course of antibiotics. Oh, and when I saw the doc he freaked out because my iron levels were so low, and the iron supplements he has me taking make me vomit. Fun times! Well, actually, yes. Despite illness, I'm having a fantastic time pretending to be mean to little girls :)  (P.S. People are very quick to blame my diet for any health issue I may encounter, but I've been anemic since before going keto. The root cause is excessive menstruation.)
Our (pet) buns.
* On Super Bowl Sunday, my daughter let her pet Polish rabbits mate. If you're never seen rabbits mating, get thee to YouTube right now. It's hilarious. The male often gets at the wrong end, and when he's done, he faints. We suspect the bunny mating "took" because our doe, Pickles, is acting aggressively toward our buck, Buddy. We're talking punching, growling, and attempted biting. This is normal pregnant doe behavior. (Some does will even castrate bucks that dare to come near.) Let's hope Pickles other maternal instincts are strong, too!

An excellent novel!
* At least being sick gave me a chance to sink into a new book (A Refuge Assured) by one of my favorite novelist, Joceyln Green. She writes so well - and not only did I learn about an aspect of history I was unfamiliar with (French refugees coming to the U.S. during the French Revolution), but Joceyln gives me a lot to ponder about liberty and whether it can be abused. I highly recommend her books!

* Have you ever tried baking with a wood stove?

* How to plant trees in spring.

* This looks like such a great, easy gift idea. How to make personalized candles.

* 5 Regrets You Don't Want to Have if Your Kids Walk Away from Faith. Some excellent reminders here.

Oldies But Goodies:

* Gardening hacks you should ignore.
* How to grow epic tomatoes!

Jan 6, 2018

Weekend Links

Join me on Instagram!
In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

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"We hear that some among you are idle and disruptive. They are not busy; they are busybodies. Such people we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the food they eat. And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good."

2 Thes. 3:11-14


* I'll admit, I'm struggling with my schedule these days. I am homeschooling, homesteading (though it's a "quieter" season), home keeping, working part time as a freelance writer, and rehearsing for the role of Miss Hannigan in a community theatre production of Annie. This blog is a labor of love and I promise, I haven't forgotten it - or you!

* In other news, I've been eating keto for about a year now. 45 lbs. gone, blood sugar in the normal range, normal cholesterol, normal blood pressure, and feeling better and healthier than ever!

* Everything You Know About Cholesterol is Probably Wrong. "The best way to thwart those LDL particles, Krauss says, is not by avoiding saturated fats, as we’ve long assumed. Saturated fats don’t affect the LDL particles, but sugar and carbohydrates do. 'Taking away eggs and milk has virtually no effect on the bad guys,' says Krauss. 'But you can make a really big improvement if you cut the sugar out.'" 

* My kids got sick right before Christmas. As soon as they did, I started taking my vinegar, salt, cayenne pepper anti-cold and flu remedy. Worked like a charm!

* Did you get a veggie spiralizer for Christmas? (I got this one, and love it!) Here are some tips on meal prepping with one. (Hint: You can also dehydrate spiralized veggies in "nests" if you want longer term storage.)

* Stuffed Mega Meatballs recipe. My family loves this! You could really use any meatball recipe you like, but do be sure to stuff it with cheese. (Keto/Low carb hint: You don't need flour, pork rinds, oatmeal, eggs, or any other filler to make fantastic meatballs! Just leave those ingredients out.)

* Did you know you can start seeds RIGHT NOW and end up with heartier, more productive plants? 

* 7 Ways to Improve Soil Quality for your best garden yet!

Oldies But Goodies: 

Oct 21, 2017

Weekend Links

I've been busy.
In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

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"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

Romans 12:2

* If  you've noticed that I'm blogging less, please bear with me. I'm trying to find a blogging schedule that works well with my crazy homeschooling, working from home, homesteading life. Now that the rush and bustle of preserving season is mostly over, I hope to have more time and energy for blogging!

Non-guilty pleasures.
* I work hard, so when I have the opportunity to get my hands on a great novel, I can be kind of naughty and stay up too late reading it. Such is the case with Where We Belong, by one of my favorite Christian authors, Lynn Austin. I'm about halfway through and I recommend it!

* Free homestead management printables. They look helpful!

* Why orange yolks aren't always an indicator of free range chickens or a higher quality egg.

* 50 Ways to Inspire Your Husband

* It's so healthy to have kids give gifts they've made. Even very young children can give these simple sachets as gifts, for example.

* Take your homemade or store bought apple cider and spice it up (mull it) for the holidays!

* How to Trust God with Your Older Children.

* Recall on all  I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter products, due to E. coli.

* Why you should NOT slow cook beans. I checked, and the USDA says it's true. Can't believe I never knew this!

* Little House on the Prairie told from Ma's point of view?? I totally need to read this!

Oldies But Goodies:

* The BEST Cinnamon Rolls Ever - a from scratch recipe
* How to Can Ham
* AMAZING Molasses Spice Cookie Recipe
* How to Roast Pumpking & Squash Seeds 
* What to Do With Green (Unripe) Tomatoes

Sep 30, 2017

Weekend Links

We have grapes!
In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

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"He who gathers crops in summer is a prudent son,
 but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son."

 Proverbs 10:5

* I'm a pretty tired lady, lately. I'm homeschooling two kids, writing as a job, homekeeping (including cooking healthy meals from scratch), and preserving the harvest. It. Is. A. Lot. Of. Work. I have ZERO time to relax. Still, I'm thankful we can homeschool. I'm thankful I can help bring in some money to make ends meet. I'm thankful we are eating healthy. And I'm thankful we have a harvest to put by for the winter. Perspective is everything!

* Recall of Death Wish Coffee Company’s Cold Brew Coffee, due to botulism.
THIS is a knock-your-socks-off pie!

* Recall on papayas, due to salmonella.

* THIS is an amazing pie that will knock everyone's socks off! And it's in my book "Easy As Pie" - so you can be the star of Thanksgiving dinner :)

* 25 powerful ways for a wife to tell her husband "I love you."

* Tackling mom worry with God's word. 

* Growing a family on a next-to-nothing budget.
* 5 Reasons Your Children Aren't Obeying. 

* Did you know there are Halloween books for kids that speak biblical truth? There are! Check them out here.

* I think every family needs to have a copy of Squanto for Thanksgiving. Hint: It's got details you've probably never heard before about God's hand in American history.

We're still harvesting apples.
* A MUST READ. 2 million children are being trafficked worldwide. 250,000 of those children live here in the United States. Here are 3 of ways these children are pulled into trafficking.

* Conventional marshmallows contain horribly unhealthy ingredients. But that doesn't mean you have to do without. Try these healthy, homemade marshmallows.

* If you're about to have a hard frost and you still have green pumpkins, learn how to ripen them indoors. (Or just make mock apple pie with them!)

* Growing up, chili meant lots of beans. Now that I follow a keto diet to control my diabetes, I don't eat beans. Happily, this was the first no-bean chili I tried. Everyone loved it and nobody missed the beans! 

Oldies But Goodies:
Apple crisp.

* Herbal remedies for winter illnesses
* 7 make-ahead Thanksgiving food ideas 
* Apple Skillet Cake Recipe
* Cauliflower Chowder Recipe (with an Instant Pot option)
* Freezing apple pie filling
* Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

Sep 2, 2017

Weekend Links

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.
Mama hen.

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"Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!"

James 5:7


* Have I mentioned how much I continue to love my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker??? When I purchased it, I imagined it making my life a heck of a lot easier, come harvest season. And I was right! I love that I don't have to plan ahead to use this thing; I can even wait until the last minute to remove meat from the freezer! (Frozen meat can go right into the pot.) And I don't have to get dinner going during a busy morning. Plus, it doesn't heat up my house, and once I put food in the Pot, I can walk away and do other things. Cause I'm a busy lady ;)  Here's a very simple Instant Pot recipe I recently tried for crustless pizza casserole. It was quick to get into the Pot and everyone loved it! (I do recommend doubling the recipe for a family of four.) Not sure what an Instant Pot is or what to do with it? Click here.

* Mama hen is doing a splendid job. She has about 4 days to go, I think, so we may see baby chicks the first day of school! She only has 7 eggs under her now. I already knew she'd lost 2: One afternoon, I found two eggs just outside her nesting box, and I thought some of the other hens were trying to lay in her nesting box (chickens are funny that way) and couldn't hold their eggs any longer and dropped them in front of the box. I gathered those eggs...and a few days later, used them. They were bloody on the inside...and, yes, had partially developed embryos in them! Well, at least I had confirmation that our young rooster was doing his job! (And since then, I've taken to breaking eggs in a separate bowl before adding them as an ingredient to what I'm cooking.) Neither of the eggs was marked as one of the original 10 I put under I assume that when she briefly goes to get a drink of water and a bite to eat, other hens and getting into her nest. It's all good, though, and we'll be delighted if we get even one live chick.

Some things I've been harvesting.
* The harvest season is the season for crisps (sometimes called crumbles) at the Seleshanko residence. I use the same basic recipe, no matter the fruit I'm using. Check out my simple recipe here.

* It's tomato season! If you preserve tomatoes and remove their skins, I hope you don't just compost or throw away those skins! You can dry them and turn them into a powder that's perfect for adding flavor to your cooking and can easily be turned into homemade tomato paste! I've been doing it for years

* Thoughts about homesteading with young children. (I wrote on the same topic, but quite a different article, years ago.)

* Of all things, I'm having a horrible time growing know, that veggie that is so easy to grow! The plant in the greenhouse is doing best, but two of the baby zucchini I had started turning yellow. A little research proved this happens when flowers don't get fully pollinated, so the plant "miscarries." That's a new one on me!
The biggest blueberry I've ever seen (next to a normal sized one).

* Do your dishes have dark scratches on them from utensils? Try this!

* It's become almost impossible to have a conversation with anyone - including people who consider themselves Christians - without hearing this phrase. Here's the problem...

* There are some great tips in this article on stopping the fussing in your home. I personally used the peace making couch with my 8 and 12 year olds...and it worked great! Why didn't I think of that before?? 

* Money is tight on the homestead these days, so I've been using my Swagbuck points to earn gift cards to Walmart, where I do most of our grocery shopping. It's an easy way to earn cash in your spare time! 

Oldies But Goodies

* Pierced ears closed up or irritated? This simple trick works for me.
* How to clean up soap scrum easily and naturally

Aug 19, 2017

Weekend Links

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Please see FCC disclosure for full information. Thank you for supporting this site! 

"...make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."

1 Thes. 4: 11-12


* Life is good on the homestead. I'm picking copious amounts of wild berries. (The photo to the right explains why I rarely have my kids help. Guess which bucket is mine and which bucket is one of the kids'.) We got a few coveted yellow plums, and there are still some red plums, prunes, and apples on the trees, despite hurricane force winds last spring. I'm growing broccoli and cauliflower, which I've never successfully grow before. Our little broody hen is sitting on ten hopefully fertilized eggs. The dog is finally coming out of his puppy phase. Hubby set up two additional rabbit cages, so my daughter can soon get a mate for her buck. And, in answer to many prayers, my hubby finally got a job close to home! No more four hours of commuting each day.  No more concern about what fatigue and driving were doing to his health. What an AMAZING gift time is. We're thrilled for both him and us. He's taking a steep pay cut, but we are trusting God on this. And I'll be working even harder to try to bring in some income for our family. So...if you want to help support this blog (my labor of love) and my family, would you take a moment and consider purchasing one of my books? Most are very affordable. You can see them all here.
From a photo shoot I recently did for Self-Reliance magazine.
* I've blogged quite a bit about dehydrating food as an alternative to canning or freezing it. But another great reason to have a dehydrator is that it helps prevent food waste. Case in point: I bought some strawberries to make my daughter strawberry ice cream for her birthday, and had quite a few berries left over. But because we have an abundance of fruit on the homestead just now, they weren't getting eaten. So a few days ago, I popped them into the dehydrator. (Here's the one I use.) Quick and easy, and it will make a really yummy treat that will last on the shelf for at least a year!

Dehydrating strawberries.
* I have an article in the new issue of Backwoods Home magazine. Check it out; it's a fantastic resource for homesteaders.

Learn to make your own pectin in Backwoods Home magazine.
* Graco car seat recall. 

* Blue Wilderness dog food recall.

* Comfy Cow ice cream recall due to E.Coli.

* AMPT Coffee recall.

* Papaya recall due to salmonella. 

* Ground beef recall due to contamination with Styrofoam.

* I have new videos on YouTube. Be sure to check them out - and subscribe and like! Thank you.

* There's been a ton of news about the safety of viewing the solar eclipse. I thought I'd done the right thing by purchasing eclipse-safe glasses for everyone in the family. Then NASA came out and said they only recommended a handful of brands, saying other brands may not be tested safe. I know some people pooh-pooh the idea that viewing the eclipse without special glasses is unsafe. I do not, because I've researched the history of solar viewing and can see that thousands of people have damaged their eyesight looking at the sun. Anyway, I was relieved to find this comprehensive list of manufacturers who've had their eclipse glasses tested for safety. Our glasses are on the list! Are yours?

* How Smartphones are Destroying a Generation - an interesting read.

Eagerly awaiting the red plums!

* What you probably don't know about child grooming and abduction. A must read for every parent.

* The weird thing about Ball's new canning lids. A lot of experienced canners are reporting false seals with them too.

* Here's a helpful aid for teaching children to pray: Prayer prompt printables.

* 10 Ways to Preserve Cucumbers.

* Why aren't we telling diabetics the truth about diet?

Oldies But Goodies:

* 10 Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies

* How to Forage for and Eat Lobster Mushrooms

* Why Homeschool Preschool? 

* DIY Spice Blends - Healthier, Cheaper, and Easy! 

* How We Homeschool on a Shoestring Budget.
Our broody hen sitting on 10 lovely eggs.

Jul 29, 2017

Weekend Links

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Please see FCC disclosure for full information. Thank you for supporting this site! 

"We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one."

1 John 5:19

* I am now over 40 lbs. lighter than I was in December, when I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and went on a keto diet. I can't even tell you how amazing that is, because I was at the point where I felt I'd tried everything (including low carb diets) to lose weight, and NOTHING worked. I'd really given up. I'm so thankful to my doctor for suggesting keto! Anyway, lots of people were asking me for an updated photo, so I had my 11 year old take some a few days ago. I've updated all my bio pics (I think). To see it, look in the left hand column.  <--- br=""> 

<--- br="">* You know the old saying "God works in mysterious ways?" It's so true. This spring, I was not happy I didn't have a big garden ready to go, but it was really a blessing in disguise. I've had a lot of trouble growing anything here, the climate is so different from what I'm used to. And everything I read about the region, and was told by other gardeners in these parts hasn't been true for me, either. For example, I thought cold weather crops would be no problem at all - things like kale, broccoli, and lettuce. But almost every single cool season plant bolted (went to seed) before I got a crop from it. Even growing an easy plant like zucchini is a bit of a challenge. I have two plants: One inside the greenhouse and one outside. The outside zucchini is still tiny. The inside zucchini is much bigger, but struggling already with powdery mildew. (I'm treating it with milk; see how that's done by clicking here.)

* QUICK TIP: If you have fresh, aromatic herbs on hand, you have an automatic room freshener. Just scatter torn leaves or blooms on the floor and vacuum them up!

* Every parent needs to read this...right now. How pedophiles and sex traffickers "groom" children to trust them...even more than they trust their parents.

* Salmon tested positive for cocaine, anti-depressants, and more.

* And another reason I'm avoiding seafood. (Radioactive material.)

* Stuff everyone should know about Lyme disease...but doesn't. You might even have to educate your doctor.

* Old school "fidget spinners." More fun because you make them yourself.

* Got a lot of zucchini already? Try fermenting some zucchini pickles! 

* Planning on watching the solar eclipse? NASA says to be very careful what eclipse-safe glasses you purchase. Some are fakes and may permanently damage eyes.

Oldies But Goodies:

* How to Tell When Figs are Ripe (video)

* The Ins and Outs of Homesteading with Kids 

* Canning Dilly Beans (Pickled Green Beans)

Jul 1, 2017

Weekend Links

Still waiting for the contractor to start re-roofing my canning kitchen!

In which I share my favorite posts from this blog's Facebook page.

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Please see FCC disclosure for full information. Thank you for supporting this site! 

"Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God,  the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Isaiah 40:28-31

* I just returned from an out of state trip to visit my Dad, and am busy trying to catch up on homesteading, home keeping, and blogging chores. Forgive me if I take a little time to catch up!

* It's official! Duck eggs do NOT raise my blood sugar the way chicken eggs do...and they don't seem to upset my tummy, either. So now my 11 year old daughter is saying: "Does that mean I can get some pet ducks now???"

* Once, you could walk onto our front porch, easily look into the bathroom window, and see a person sitting on the toilet! Bad layout. But this inexpensive window cling easily took care of the problem...and it looks pretty, too! I recommend it.

* No one likes to look like a city slicker when they live in a rural area. But for months, the kids and I have been looking for tadpoles to scoop into fish tanks so we can watch them turn into frogs. A couple of weeks ago, we were excited when we saw some in the greenhouse water tank. I'm glad we didn't put them in tanks in the house, though, because my hubby later informed me they aren't tadpoles...they are mosquito larvae. He thought it was cute that I didn't know this...

* Recall on dog raw hides.

* Recall of almond butter due to possible listeria.

* Respecting Your Husband the Proverbs 31 Way.

* Some interesting insights into what makes teens rebel.

* Lately I've noticed Netflix has some questionable titles readily available to anyone browsing their offerings. Even just the "covers" for the shows are not something I want my kids to see. If you're concerned about this, too, Our Good Life has instructions on how to block Netflix shows so your kids can't find them.* Here's a fun, free summer activity for kids: Playing Bible detectives!

* Did you know I have a free children's chapter book all about time traveling to the days of the dinosaurs in order to learn about creationism? It's action-packed and fun, and perfect for summer reading! 

* More fun ideas for summer fun.

* With wild berries beginning to come on, now is a great time to start foraging! Even city dwellers can forage.

* Tick bites can lead to  meat allergies. It's true!

* These look good! Crispy Green Bean Chips.

* I recently joined a Facebook canning group...and oh my goodness! People get tossed out for mentioning botulism or suggesting a certain canning practice isn't safe. The things these people are doing are shocking. There's a lot of "My granny did it and she didn't die." Um, yeah, that's like saying "I drive home drunk every night and I've never gotten into an accident." There are many reasons Granny didn't die - mainly because she boiled the heck out of her canned food before she ate it. She also stored it in a fridge-like setting (a cellar or something similar). And she took for granted that spring time (as the last of the canned food was consumed) was a time of sickness, not realizing her home canned foods were making her ill. Please. No food you want to home can is worth making someone ill or killing them. Period. Learn more here.

* In my day, I've used a lot of manure. In the garden, that is. But by far my favorite is rabbit manure. I love it because you don't have to wait for it to age before using it, and because it makes plants grow abundantly! Don't have your own rabbits? Sometimes you can find rabbit owners who are willing to give away or sell their bunnies' pellets. Here's more on using rabbit manure in the garden.

Oldies But Goodies:

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