Jun 15, 2017

Spring Cleaning Roundup

Some time ago, my sis-in-law remarked that she loved the cleaning posts on this blog. I literally laughed out loud - because I am a true messy at heart. But maybe that's the appeal. As much as I appreciate the need for good housekeeping (and homekeepers), I usually try to find the easiest, fastest way to clean things so I can move on to other stuff. So with that in mind, I present to you my most popular cleaning posts. Just in time for the procrastinating spring cleaner - like me.

Throughout the House:

How to Clean a Popcorn or Textured Ceiling 

How to Easily Clean Ceilings and Walls - Even in a Greasy Kitchen

How to Easily Remove Stains from Carpet - without Chemicals

Why Every Housewife Needs Safety Goggles

In the Kitchen:

How to Clean a Really Dirty Stove Top

How to Clean Really Dirty Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

How to Easily Clean a Super Duper Dirty Cup

In the Bathroom: 

 How to Clean Soap Scum Easily & Naturally 

The Easy Way to Get Mold Off Grout

In the Laundry Room: 

Cheap, Effective Fabric Stain Removal 

The Easy Way to Remove Grease from Fabric

Homemade Laundry Detergent: Why I Don't Use It 

Natural Alternative to Dryer Sheets

Why You're Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

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